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Warning: Explicit content and graphics

This is a black and white photo-series complimenting the human body. It aims at showing how beautiful you are.
In this age of social media, body shaming is very common. Approximately 93% of women and 83% of men reported being body shamed. (Survey by FitRated).I can’t express, in these limited words, how important it is to be confident of your own body, to be comfortable in your skin.Let’s try and work towards reducing body shaming, and help spread smiles across faces.


In frame: Bhavya Mathur


How many of you have been asked “Are you sick?” when you didn’t wear make up? 
In frame: Disha Suresh


There’s a reason the collar bone is known as the ‘beauty bone’.So don’t listen to the people calling you ‘skinny’ or ‘boney’! Show off some beauty, because you are beautiful.
In frame: Tanvi Raghuram


How much effort do you put in, to hide your stretch marks? Or to conceal those scars? Till when are you going to hide underneath this facade? You’re beautiful, the way you are. Smile, and be proud of your imperfections, because they are, what make you perfect.


All of us have had that moment in the morning when you look in the mirror, pull in your tummy, and try to tighten your trousers, so that it stays that way? I used to go through this everyday. Why? Because I didn’t like being called a fat fuck. Simply. It’s very easy to say “you should have exercised.” I tried. For months. But I like eating more than anything else. So I learned to live a balanced life.This is for all of you. Be proud of that cute tummy, be proud of your ‘weirdly shaped boobs’. Be proud of you. 


We have all looked at ourselves, at some time or the other, with disgust in our eyes, as if we were our worst enemies. Be it complexion, body shape, stretch marks, acne, whatever.We have to stop doing that! It isn’t easy but it is a beautiful feeling when you accept yourself just as you are. When you look at yourself and feel proud of the beautiful human you are. This is the last picture of the series and I hope it helps some people out there in their journey of self love and acceptance. Not only your body, love who, and what you are. Cheers!
In frame: Joesph Kevin

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