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Shine the light,

Into my eyes,

I’m not asleep,

Just mesmerised,

That one fine day,

Perhaps I’ll die,

And go to blissful paradise,

On that day,

I’ll sit and cry,

Not because I’m dead,

But I’m still alive,

And into the void,

That I deserve,

I’ll wonder,

What poor soul hath gone,

I’ve sinned a lot,

Less than most,

But my biggest sin,

Is that I don’t regret,

The decisions I’ve made,

The crimes I’ve done,

My biggest sin,

Is that I’ll never learn,

The consequence,

Of what I’ve done,

And it still scared me,

To this day,

That I’ll go to heaven,

On that fateful day,

I don’t deserve heaven,

Atleast not today.

One thought on “Paradise”

  1. Genia says:

    Do you have any type of suggestions for writing posts?
    That’s where I constantly struggle and I just end up looking empty screen for lengthy

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