Brevity, Quill


We all are so good at assuming , aren’t we? And sometimes assumptions kills a relationship or in the worst scenario, a person . There is a saying that ”you can do 99 things for someone and they’ll remember just the one you didn’t do ” and how correct is that . It legitimately applies on every relationship .
We live in a Instagram world , where everyone is pretending something they’re not . Time to time we see someone posting some negative thoughts . And our mind is so twisted that we automatically assume that it’s for us , whether we have to do something with them or not . Assumptions rarely happens with good stuff . How many times do we assume that someone’s good thoughts are about us ? Maybe never .
We lost friends , lovers on the basis of assumptions we make . Rather than communicating , we start ignoring them and that’s where problem begins . That’s what murder the bond , the love .
So let’s just assume less , talk more . Life not always gives us second chances .

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