there’s a feeling in this wind

it’s new

like the first love’s touch

it’s ticklish

like you writing love letters on my skin

it’s comforting

like you brushing my hair

it’s beautiful

like you.



लिखते तो सब हैं
क्या तुम महसूस कर पाए हो?

कहते तो सब हैं
क्या तुम निभा पाए हो?

अरमान जो देखा था
क्या उसे पूरा कर पाए हो?

गिले शिकवे भी बहुत हुए होंगे
क्या कफ़्फ़ारा कर पाए हो?

भुलाना तो हर कोई चाहता है
यादें मनाने की हिम्मत कर पाए हो?

ख़ुशियाँ तो हर कोई माँगता है
हमदर्दी कभी दे पाए हो?

कभी ग़म समेट कर हंसी बिखरा देना,
कुछ लम्हे बस यूँही बिता देना।

Write Ups


it’s okay to not be okay
to be looking for
the needle of hope
in a pile of hay

it’s okay to feel low
when life gives a harsh blow
when there’s little you could know
when there’s nowhere else to go

it’s okay to want to disappear
it’s okay if this is too much to bear
reach out to me,
i swear i’m near

let’s set it right,
we’re in this together
let’s make the days bright
i promise, it will get better

Write Ups


this writing spree has got me so messed up
i mean, i feel this urge to turn everything i do, see, and feel, into poetry

this urge, it doesn’t let me feel
i’m crying, and in my head, i’m weaving a string of words with every drop of tear that falls down my cheeks

this urge, it’s making me numb
i’m dancing, and in my head, i’m imagining my pen waltzing on my notebook

this urge, it isn’t letting me live
i’m breathing, and in my head, i’m inhaling thunderstorms and exhaling sunshine

this urge, it’s changing my perspectives
i’m looking in the mirror, and i’m seeing the universe, love and stardust instead of my reflection

i’m trying to pen down everything into words too much i guess
from music to painting
more than feeling the emotions
my insides force me to translate everything into words
and say it out loud
in words.



the scarlet of dusk embraces your sorrows as you fall deeper in love. the words escape her cherry flavoured lips, and stab your heart.

how could someone be such an ecstasy? 

she loves licking the fresh wounds on your neck. her nails trace the lines of your sins, you want to run away. you fail. 

“hold me tight”

she wages war on your thoughts as the sapphire on her neck reflects her power in the dark.

she laces her hands through your long, soft hair

and snaps your neck.

rage surges through her like fire from hell

and blood spills from places you kissed her, while she drags you to the closet door.

                                                         -she’s red.


Freedom (or not?)

All this time

I’ve been told:

It will be okay,

If you keep writing

Within the lines.

You can fly high

But don’t cross the sky.

Someone will always 

Be better than you.

There will be days

When crying’ll be all

You’d wanna do.

You won’t have to suffer

If you stay in your limits.

It’s a tough choice

We all know:

Happiness or safety

The decision will show.

None of this makes sense

Never it will

Because you don’t get it 

The way I do.

For you are not me

And I’ve never been you.