Poetry, Quill


i was down on my knees
heart in my hands,
yearning for your love,
calling out your name,
you won’t ever be
able to feel my pain,
it stings me like a bee,
and the bee doesn’t die
i’ve been played and toyed with
like im a souless human being
like i deserve the pain
my heart has been ripped out of my chest,
Shallow breath razor sharp in my throat,
so here I am,
lying down wondering where did it all go down?
i am lying in the flood of pain, and I am drowning,
Don’t save me this time,
Don’t tell me you love me and that I can trust you,
Let me drown,
Let me go,
Because at the end,
promises are just words.

Poetry, Quill


and then there was him,
with his glazed eyes,
he sits and stares
the night sky
wondering “where it all went wrong”
it causes him to scream inside
yet with his face so sweet,
you see nothing but a smile
hiding unspoken words
reciting a poem of his heart.


The Last Dance

Under the embedded jewels in the sky,
the moonlight, glittering & pale,
the blank black sky looking upon us,
as we dance with goodbyes in mind,
the somber music plays,
and the tears dance down my face,
while the universe,
pours rain in torrents,
but the rain doesn’t stop us,
With stardust clouding our feet,
we collide into each other,
slow dancing, hearts beating,
We held each other close
for the last time,
as the rest of the world faded away,
Why can’t we dance forever
holding onto each other
and never letting go?
Two people dancing to the
The melody of their love,
Our foreheads touched each other,
whispering “I love you” ,
and our lips touched as the music stopped.
The rhythm stops,
and we slowly part,
holding this moment in our hearts
for an eternity.


I Saw You Lying

It was a normal afternoon,
Cappuccino mugs; crescent rolls,
Decorative crystal pots,
Under the blaze of clear skies.
She was lying there wondering,
Drowning in the sweet misery,
As he was sabotaging the ties of their relationship,
Little water droplets running down her rosy red cheeks,
Coming from somewhere lying deep down inside her heart,
With a Mozart song playing in background,
Her heart is racing ; it’s pounding and deafening
The beatings,the words, he left her weak but her heart can’t let go,
She wants to hate him, for all the awful things he did yet she always found herself running to him,

She’s heartbroken that he looked into those eyes and lied ,
All the ‘dire’ meetings when he got ready hastily at night,
and slowly slipped into her bed at 5 am in the morning,
So she lies there,
Wondering why would she never be enough?
Wanting to mend the holes inflicted on her soul,
she knows, as soon as the bell rings,
She would open the door , whilst her mind whispers with a rasping voice like a rewinded record ,
she would be smiling at the outside, but she’s dead inside
And once more, he would smile & sleep thinking that’s he’s adept at the art of lying
And she would know that he couldn’t see the truth because he doesn’t look into her eyes anymore,

He’s the burn of a cigarette smoke,
He’s harmful,
He’s causing pain , she’s drowning in grief,
Yet she needs him, she craves him.
While he, takes a drag with his other lover.

Poetry, Quill


the rain felt like a fading memory
before i met you
but that night
i felt like
there was a legacy between me & the sky
the rain poured in torrents
& a numbing sense of pain
that we both felt in our hearts
seemed to fade away
as we both touched
it felt as if
two souls have become one
we heard the sound of our thoughts
and the heart pumping
inside two shallow mediocre human beings time stopped
unfurling all senses as a taste of you
nearly silenced all my thoughts
but that night
as the oceans, the skies, the moon
looked upon us
they were envious
of the smell of thunder that hung in air
we could feel a fire within us
& no amount of rain could’ve doused it off.



Sometimes being stiff, rigid and relentless doesn’t make you strong rather love, tears and hardships do. Sometimes the person you love , hurts you. Sometimes, an unexpected thing just happens and turns your life upside down. Sometimes, you can feel so full that you might be overflowing with joy and happiness. Sometimes you can feel so empty , it’s like you are caught up in a world of perplexities , loneliness and darkness. And sometimes no matter how hard you try to push away a thought, it kind of just stays in the air. Sometimes you know everything and still know nothing. You could be standing in the front of truth , a truth that can hurt you deeply , & is capable of shattering your heart into a million pieces and still not know what to do. Sometimes you just want someone to hold your hand and say,”stay!”. But you see, that’s how life is. Life isn’t a garden with roses, bougainvillea’s , daisies or orchids rather it’s a battlefield. Life breaks you, it makes you suffer, it punches you in the face, it makes you breathless, it gives you pain. Life isn’t one word , rather it carries with it an infinite sea of words and phrases. Life is a lot of things. Life is pain. Life is ecstasy. Life is misery. Life is contentment. Life is heartbreaks. Life is darkness. Life is suffering. Life is a million things but most importantly ,maybe, life is just a delusion.



Life is a chaos , so are you and so is everyone, but the real talk is about handling your chaos , facing your fears , destroying what destroys you, loving yourself , and saying what your feel. You cannot simply run away from things ,you have to learn to fall and stand taller.



Sometimes you can’t tell a person , how you feel. Even if their are endless ways of describing what you feel, sometimes the only answer is silence , sometimes you just have to feel. It’s so beautiful , how words become short to express your feelings, and still the other person hears what is said in the unsaid.



Sometimes you don’t what you’re feeling,
Sometimes you don’t know what to say,
Sometimes it feels as if darkness is engulfing you,
You’re tired of making people stay,
You’re tired of people walking out,
You show that it doesn’t affect you who’s there and who’s not,
but when it really does,
You just want someone to understand what you’re trying to say,
You want someone to value your presence,
And for once,
Just for once,
You want someone to be scared with the thought of you walking out of their life.