Brevity, Poetry


“Silence speaks when words can’t “

Somewhere in the silence ,
Sometimes she wonder
How someone can become a part of her
Though ,
Somehow she knows , she can’t control her emotions
As she knows,
Somewhere he is also wondering the same knowingly or unkowingly,
Either he tell or not she knows everything Somehow
all the times
She knows everything

Brevity, Poetry


She need a hug that stays,
A love that never fades
And bond that won’t break

Brevity, Poetry

May Be

May be its time
to say old ways die .
Hell ! it gonna takes a lot to change,
A lot to try ,
May be its time
to say old ways bye.

Well ,
Nobody knows they scare from hold onto,
Nobody knows they run from truth.

So better
let them do,
And have no regrets,
As all your efforts were true


May be
May be its time
To change all your mights.

Brevity, Poetry

YOU and I

It’s you ,
It’s me,
It’s our unavowed sentiments,
That taking us on sweetest ride,
Where minds don’t work ,
But heart feels alive
Where madness speaks,
And glumness deprive
Either our affection
Or connection
What matters is ,
Its all true ,not a lie
Its Just
YOU and I
YOU and I

Brevity, Poetry


In murky dusk ,
Rusted boat
laying in sea shore
Facing stromy waves
with vagabond ,
awaits gleam to come
While roaming restlessly
Espy a light
from lighthouse
Giving a hope
to tackle misery

Likewise , you came
Taking away my sorrows
giving me good directions ,
While securing my insecurities
You gave me strength and energy
For which gratitude is inexpressible…

Brevity, Poetry


In all the work i do ,
In all the words i speak
In all my laughter
In my serenity
In my silence
Its all your essence …

Brevity, Poetry


Remembering that time,
When i was learning a rhyme

First crawl , that i tried
Those smiles , i always hide
The way everyone run behind
Those swings through which i slide ,
The joy ,that laughter provide.

The way by seeing birds, i eat food
As it was all depend on my mood .
And how in my gifts chocolates inlcude!!
In nutshell that time was very good .

Those lovable scolding from mother which makes me cried,
The way father takes my side.
The fun in playing outside
That childish which is present inside,
The love that i get from everyone being single small child
Those memories always makes me happy and pride .

Now it seems, all good moments are obsorbed in tranquillity of surrounding
And reflects when we sit solo while remembering.

Brevity, Poetry


Birds are independent souls
Also plays a great role
Far away from crudeness
They always spread the happiness
Their chirping is melodious
Makes our day glorious
Uniqueness is there in their motion
Always give good vibes to our notion
As whenever they fly in sky
It always takes us high and high

Brevity, Poetry

Beauty of earth

Earth has music ,
For those who listen .
Earth has magic ,
For those who have different vision.
Earth has power,
For those who wanna bloom like flower.
So , Cherish the earth with love
And let your persona evolve with good luck …

Brevity, Poetry


Seating on the bench at some height,
Holding her hands so tight,
Feeling blissful on that night
As she makes his life bright
And his presence keeps her alright

He was comforting ,by rotating hands on her hair ,
Eyes of her was full of love and care ,
And this kind of love is very rare.

She moved ahead for hugging him
He hugged ,then kissed as light was dim.

Eyes of both were misty
They wiped each other eyes with pity
As they were in guilty.

Both were happy , after a long time get together ,
So they promised to love each other forever .

Then came cranky sound , that wake her up
Darkness was all around
was just dream
Just dream she realized ,
But it make her so mesmerized .
As it appear so real but in reality was unreal.

While thinking , her feets get numb and hands get cold,
And now , she don’t want to be bold.
She cried , her throat get dried
head get hefty, which was deadly.
Shivering in cold with fear,
some kind of stillness is there .
As she realized
She realized, universe won’t let them apart and won’t let them near …
Which was DEADLY just DEADLY.