Injustices of the past and present weigh us down,
Does it matter whether we are black, white or brown?
When in pain, we scream.
For a better world, we all dream.
We all bleed red.
Then tell me, why does a black man lie dead?

The fairest men can be demons,
Those as dark as night can be pure.
Before judging them by the shade of their skin,
Have you ever asked what lies within?

Today, a man is dead.
His heart, stopped.
His screams, silenced.
His breath, stolen.
And his tears, still not black.

For that one man, and the countless before him,
Humanity should burn.
We should pay the price for the ones who have been spurned.

Maybe someday, all humans will be equal.
Maybe someday, compassion will be integral.
Maybe someday, being different will not be a crime.
Mankind waits for such a time.

But today, a fair murderer lives and a black man has died.
The difference is,
The colour of their hides.

-Anika Johri

2 thoughts on “BLACK.”

  1. Omja says:

    Wow… That’s beautifully written‚̧

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