Art, Brush

Lucid beauty

Tired of the crudeness of people changing their colors as this beautiful sky, i spent countless hours at this bow, looking at the waves, the clouds and understanding how they absorb everything thing from pleasent chirping to harsh storms and still reflect out the positive vibes, unlike
Unlike us

Art, Write Ups

Fire Flowers

Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous Diwali

May the lights guide you and brightness never leave your side.

May the colours of rangoli fill up your life with brightness and magic

And indeed, 
May you have a great time with your family, friends and all the loved ones. 



An illustration of LIGHT YAGAMI a.k.a. KIRA from the nifty anime series Death Note… Tinted in red shade, this astounding artwork by Prabhpreet Singh is indeed a reflection of his soul.



Enchanting, is not just her face but also the beauty she carries within. Enticing are not just the blossoming flowers, but also her thoughts. And captivating, are not merely her eyes, but also their arcane depth.



And when did your mind, full of chaos, engulfed you so much that now words are being interpreted by the chaos and not the heart.



Delve deep into those beguile eyes and feel the innocence for you, you may find your the lost mirror too.


Calm Down

Dear, for a moment just close your eyes. Tell yourself to calm down. Nothing in this  world is more important than your internal peace.