Brevity, Quill


Suddenly this misery,

Red turned to brown,

Yellow turned blue,

Orange turned gray,

And purple turned black.


Suddenly this defeat,

Smile turned into cries,

Joy turned into ashes,

And love turned into myth.

Brevity, Quill


It occurs and it stays,
It is in the mind and not in the brain!
You can think about it only when your mind is free,
You cannot force the thought of it
You cannot ignore the presence of it

You know what,
Sometimes its all about that it !

Brevity, Quill

Melodious pain

The medley of love,
And broken old dreams,
Still rings in my ears,
At midnight as I sleep,
And I beg of you, my baby,
To leave me and go,
For I need no more reasons,
To weep, anymore.

Brevity, Quill


Weather, stormy and dark, wind gushing through the shattered pane, swinging forth and further the mirror dinged on a mere nail. Yet, his eyes, as if in equilibrium sturdily stared through themselves, encountering numerous ostensible faces of itself. And, just then the nail flung, mirror was on morsels and each fragment (ambition, enigma, joy , anxiety) flew away. While imagination, still stuck in his feet now pigmented deep red,was trying yet to overpower him. Alas, he continued to stare, numb now to the deep and dark nail hole.
He was reality.



If loving you is a mistake

I’ll keep on making the same mistake,

For the rest of our lives.


Hazy Passion

There once, was I, fervent with energy, blinded by passion guided by rage. Yet this mind of mine, now sits there defeated as i have spent my soul, and I’m shaking as i sob, for i wait for life to pass me by and leave me in a weeping haze.

Brevity, Poetry


And darling even your fall, 

should be the most glorious thing,

the world  has ever witnessed. 



As the petrified juvenile rose upon his toes and, ventured to peep through the keyhole, he watched with tears rolling down his chubby cheeks and inscrutable face, the ‘MAN of the Family’ beat his mother again. Submitting to the cruelty he rushed to the shore and questioned his God, “Oh! God, if mother’s placed even above you why doesn’t she get the powers at least similar to you? Why doesn’t she get at least half the respect given to you?” and added suddenly, “And please reply soon this time, she easily differentiates between the sea water and tears hid beneath the sand upon my face.”