Art, Brush


‘Aankhein thi jo keh gyi sab kuch, lafz hote to mukar gaye hote
Art, Brush

Sweet & Heavenly

“Because this is where I want to be
Where it’s so sweet & heavenly”
Art, Brush

The Joker

This art work is made with fabric and acrylic paints. Being a comic book lover and a ledger fan , this artwork is dedicated to Heath Ledger who graced us with his portrayal of Jack Naipier aka The Joker in The Dark Knight trilogy .
Art, Brush

Kobe Bryant

 “Kobe Bryant” this artwork is made from fabric and acrylic paint over the span of 6 hours.

It is dedicated to late Kobe Bryant who has given millions around the world a way to live by and taught ur that there are no short cuts to success and also the knowledge of how to enjoy success.
Art, Brush


Terry loves Yogurt, but Terry hates Paperwork