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Dilli ki ladki, never knew one such hit album existed till my friend forced me to plug in earplugs and hear the whole song. And yes here I am, literally hearing this song everyday(tho, my friend still thinks i haven’t heard it since that day xd) but no, I genuinely loved it and I hear it almost every day
You know that first love, first sight, first looks, first eye signs, first everything..the same way how this song has my heart since first day.
All about how that guy knows he can’t sing, he isn’t still clear with his throat but knows its her birthday, that someone special’s birthday who is not just ordinary, but someone for whom words seem to say less. The way how he sings this lines,

लड़की तू कमाल है, लड़की तू बवाल है
सर से लेके पाँव तक लड़की बेमिसाल है
अलग तेरी चाल है, अलग ही अंदाज़ है
तेरा-मेरा मिलना ना कोई इत्तफ़ाक़ है

Took my breath away. Meeting you wasn’t co-incidence, and now that I have met you, I can’t stop thinking about you.
The way you are, the way your eyes speak, it seems as if you are an angel, heavenly beautiful lady with whom I have fell in love miserably and now that today is your birthday, I wanna tell the whole world how lucky I am to be that guy who fell for you.
I know we don’t talk these days, so yes here it is, the worldwide wish to someone who has stolen my heart since day one.

Dear Tanzeel Khan,
I don’t know whether you will even read this or not, but let me tell you, every girl i repeat every girl needs a guy like you who can scream their lungs out to say that she is my girl. The way you sung, we all wished the song to have been a little longer a little more of you and a little more of our woving dreams for our prince charming to do such thing some day.
Thankyou for this album, thankyou for letting my friend force me to hear you.
I am still humming and maybe will humm this song till forever❤

By:Bansari Parikh

Open Letters, Quill

Happy Birthday Eishta

Well, to be honest, I don’t know you much beyond your perfect brush strokes or your sublime sketches, but still, I guess, that’s not a reason good enough to not write this letter, is it?

So imagine videotaping rubbing an entire eraser into those residual spongy fringes it breaks into… And then, rewinding the entire video as a time lapse. Sounds foolish right?

Now imagine, each fringe is one of those little miniscule conversations we have – about art, about ambition, about religion, about suspensions – and everything in between. Then believe, the end of the video, the complete eraser, that represents a perfect alliance. And as for the time lapse – that’s life.

Yeah, so, fitting one chat at a time, fringe by fringe, into a seraphic mould aka eraser, I guess that’s the only and also the very essence of this co-artist/worker/acquaintance bond we share.

Looking forward to being lucky enough to the complete the eraser.

Happy Birthday Eishta

Keep creating wonders

Open Letters, Quill

Happy Birthday Nitesh!

Dear fufu,

This letter- it could have been another birthday tribute to you for teaching me everything that you did. For making me familiar with the ups and downs of a website, for making me acquainted to the technical aspects of both laptops and life… But this letter- it wouldn’t be one of those.

Today, I don’t want to acknowledge everything that you did for me but I want you to take a moment and appreciate everything you did for yourself.

Maybe it’s because of you that I find it funny as to how people say support is necessary to accomplish any considerable thing in life. For you, you accomplished a good, (beyond good 😉 life itself with the support of no one but your own enormous will power.

I read it somewhere, “Fast success builds ego, slow success builds character.” And today, I want you to give yourself a pat on the back for the man you carved yourself into.

If a person ever is asked to create a perfect human, then for sure you wouldn’t be half as similar to what he’ll be creating.
But I am more than sure that whenever a person, someone who knows you, would be questioned to name the most ideal man he has met, he wouldn’t think of anyone other than you.

And that is the beauty of you. You’re a set distinguished flaws and distinctive strengths , a set far from ordinary yet relatable to all, a set you can always look up to yet a set that never would look down upon. A set too simple to be put into words, yet a set too complex to be cherished alone.

Happy Birthday Nitesh.

Open Letters, Quill

What Do I Know

To What Do I Know,

Honestly, I don’t really believe in the concept of good songs, bad songs, or favorite songs at all. There are just relatable and not so relatable songs.

Maybe ‘Tu Koi Aur Hai’ struck a chord in the heart of that writer who was forced to pursue science- so it became his favorite song. Maybe ‘Phir Le Aaya Dil’ resonates the same pain, the same longing she has for her (not so) lost lover- so it’s her favorite song. And just like that when we all just couldn’t understand what ‘Gucci Gang’ was trying to imply- we tossed in the other can.

What synchronizes with your core, inadvertently, sticks to your core. Our desperation to be understood, to find something we can relate to, is probably what unites us as humans.

And for a man like me who just can’t comprehend ‘why are people so bad to each other, so often, why can’t people simply love’ What Do I know comes to my rescue. It isn’t exactly a love song and neither is it one of those freestyles that bombard bold political statements covered in beats.

It’s all about simplicity and maybe that is exactly how it fulfills its purpose. 

It’s listening to Ed Sheeran read Hafiz in Rumi’s field. It’s about realizing you don’t need mass movements to change the world- ‘we could change this whole world with a piano, add a bass, some guitar, grab a beat and away we go.’ A subtlety asking us to stop finding loopholes in our own moral fiber on the name of growth. It’s Ed telling us when another pandemic breaks or the stock market crashes, he’d still be sitting here with a song that he wrote, singing, love could change the world in a moment 

But what do I know?