Let’s Go Goa

There’s always a desire of every millennial in our country to visit Goa, but what usually happens is as we all know ‘Abba nahi maanege!’ and alas! the plan is dropped even before the execution begins. Fortunately, me and my three buddies from college somehow managed to convince our families and save some money ourselves during our final year in college to have that once in a lifetime kinda trip in college to Goa. We were lucky enough to visit there during early March this year before the onset of Corona in our country.

The excitement was real and was evident from the fact that from our luggage to our playlist, everything was ready before a day or two. Trust me on the fact that if you’re a big group travelling there, Airbnb is the best go to option and we opted for the same as our stay was for about a week. But, if you’re a solo traveller, there are many hostels available throughout the year on the go. From the day one, we had our dream itinerary in place but as you know, things usually don’t work out as planned. Exhausted from all the jet lag and late night party from our maiden night in Goa, we couldn’t get up early so had to drop visiting Dudhsagar falls for the day one. We stayed in North Goa but had heard tales of the South ever since and there was some driving force calling us south. We planned accordingly as asked the local guy from our Airbnb for guidance. Man, we received the most awesome advice from him to visit one of the hidden gems of Goa.

‘The Butterfly Beach’ in South Goa is nothing less than a hidden paradise. It surely requires some research from your end to reach with a trek of about a mile before you set your feet on this jaw dropping beach. The visitors are usually foreigners and the beach is still in its pristine form. The adjoining hilltop blossoms during the season and you can do all kinds of cliff jumping here. After spending our entire afternoon swimming in the beautiful waters, we headed to our next destination.

Butterfly Beach

‘The Agonda Beach’ definitely offers the best sunset in entire goa with music tripping in your ears, the sea washing by the shore and lovely calm of the place. A walk by the beach is must as the sky changes colour from blue to orange to a hundred shades of pink. It seems as if God himself was trying to paint you. A beautiful drive by the night brought us back to North Goa. There are all kinds of party places open throughout the night but if you plan on partying by yourself, remember to get your booze before 10 because that’s when the shops close.

We decided to explore away from the mainstream places for the next day, so we ended up visiting ‘Chorao Islands’ that offer a beautiful ride along a bird sanctuary.

Chorao Island

You can reach there through a ferry by Old Goa. After exploring Arpora by night (that’s where we stayed, as it is in close proximity to all beaches of North Goa), we called it a day.

Our plan for the following day was to explore North Goa beaches. So, we started by the beautiful stretch of Morjim beach followed by a short drive by the sea to reach Arambol beach. Now, Arambol beach is famous for its fun activities like parasailing, paragliding but what most people miss out on is the hidden ‘Sweet Water Lake’ of Arambol beach. It isn’t that crowded and offers a beautiful swim which is rare to find in Goa as you always end up sipping some saline water when bathing in the sea. We spent the evening in nearby area and then went to the must-visit ‘Thalassa Greek Tavern’ for our dinner. It’s a deck by the sea and offers amazing views during night. We called it a night then as the next day involved some exploration to be done.

Sweet Water Lake

We planned to visit the mainstream places this day including the famous forts and all. We started by the Aguada fort and then planned to watch the sunset by the iconic ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ Chapora fort. Watching the sunset with my buddies listening the iconic song itself was a feeling out of this world and one which we will remember forever. It’s truly beyond words to explain how we all felt at that moment. The warm aura of friendship surrounded us as we made promises to visit the place, the same bunch of friends in some years to come.

Aguada Fort

For the next day, we bought a package for fun activities including parasailing, scuba diving and all but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. It’s not as much fun as it sounds as the activities are far off and consume your entire day. Goa isn’t really famous for all this, I mean it’s worth a try if you like but in my opinion, it’s not worth it. After a tiring day, we visited some party shacks in North Goa to wear off our fatigue. ‘Curlies’ and ‘Shiva Café’ are two famous late night party shacks offering a variety of menu. The ambience is really nice and it’s a fun place to be at by the night.


That was a wrap for our Goa trip. In my opinion, Goa has two sides to it. The North one being the party hub with music blasting all night and people high on energy, whereas, the South one is pretty laid back, chilled and spiritual for travellers like me. So, choose your side of Goa wisely while planning a trip and make sure to experience the fun Goa has to offer.

I hope my itinerary helps you out and make sure to check out my Instagram handle @travelwithshivam.


Trip To Israel

Israel was always on my bucket list. So I made this travel wish come true with one of my best friends.

The diversity of the country is absolutely stunning:

We started in the south at the Red Sea where Israel, Jordan and Egypt meet each other. The boarders are right in walking distance.

After some quite relaxed days at the beach with swims, readings, good chats and watching dolphins playing in the sun, we headed north. We passed massive rock formations, spent some time with climbing and hiking and explored ancient cave paintings. We met just few people and enjoyed the impressive-bizarre, calm times in the outdoors before we decided to spend one night in the desert in a camel camp. The next morning while the sun was climbing up the dunes in front of our small shack, surrounded by camels, felt so peaceful and absolutely priceless.

It is always worthy to watch out for alternative accommodations, so our next stop was a Kibbutz right at the Jordan boarder close to the Dead Sea. An early morning float in the Dead Sea with almost no people around was probably one of the most magical things I have ever experienced. Infinite width of the landscape, the wobbly feeling in the water, surrounded by bright and such intense colors.

After we soaked in so much nature we took our backpacks and the bus, heading to Tel-Aviv, the vibrant capital. Here we had an appropriate end of our travel. We spent some days in an amazing hostel, met so many kind and open-minded people from all over the world. Here you can find whatever you like, from going out for parties, strolling around flea markets, countless shopping destinations, discovering the old-town with all its traditional buildings and craft workshops, galleries, cafes and bars and especially the amazing food which is made to share and taste…

We ran out of time quickly and there are still so many places to visit.

Part II will follow for sure!


Trip To Bangladesh

My job brought me to Bangladesh several times

On the one hand I was excited as for my understanding this is a country where you probably would never go for holidays. Not even on the way while traveling through Asia. On the other hand I had a lot of respect as I heard and read so many things about it upfront.

The circumstances you can watch when you get around were alarming for me:

No proper streets, thousands of simple houses encountered, constructions sites everywhere. Partly flooded and covered in mud during rain season. I was stuck in the worst traffic jams I could have imagined and I have ever seen in my life. People, children and animals running around. Piles of waste laying around. Dhaka, the capital, is insanely busy as it is packed with people. People coming from all over the country to work there, earn some money to support their families elsewhere.

Of course I was always accompanied by people I worked with, but while we were running through the streets people came to circle around me, starring at me. Some wanted to touch me, few people were begging for money. I felt like an alien.

But sometimes a smile is worth a thousand words. My colleagues helped me to understand life over there a little bit better. They gave me the chance to talk to people with a little help. I was told some were happy I came there, that I took time to visit Bangladesh as it is quite unusual, especially for a woman. That I should travel around to see more and that they think all women from other countries are beautiful :)) I experienced open minded people with a big heart for their families and loved ones.

One evening I was invited to my colleagues home for dinner which was quite special. I was allowed to get to know his wonderful wife and his children and lots of food was served. They even took care of my vegan diet! So I was surprised by a very hospitable, caring family with a fantastic dinner full of typical but new flavors for me. I had never ever expected that.

This travel was quite special for me: The humble conditions in this country compared to mine in Germany made me think about myself, my life. It gave me more appreciation for what I made out of it so far. I can just recommend: if you have the chance to move out of your comfort zone, to experience new things, you should always take the opportunity.

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From Another Perspective

When in a new city, look at it from the eyes of the dwellers, not a tourist. What I suggest is,feel the vibe of the city. Have a look at the narrow streets which lead you to another unexplored side. Look at the monuments, but also the buildings that have been abandoned. Listen what the air of the city says to you, feel THE OTHER PERSPECTIVE.

This is at the very famous Marine Drive where Kachi Kairi is really famous.
The municipal board building in Mumbai. This photograph is taken through an arc of the CST building
This is a very old building of Bombay. the click is from another perspective!


Nepal or Himalayas is heaven on earth. First day of my trip. I was going to famous Manakamana temple. It is famous for fulfilling wishes of pilgrims who pray to goddess with true devotion. This temple is located on 1,302 m above the sea level and we had cable cars to take us to temple and back. The bottom station of cable car is placed at Kurintar and top station is at Manakamana. The temple campus is with the views of
Himachali and Annapurna ranges in the north. Trishuli river in the south and Marshyangdi the west.

On my way back from temple, the cable car stopped in the middle of nowhere and our heart start beating frantically. But soon the turbulence was over and all the 6 passengers including me sighed in relief .

There are various kinds of shops around the temple including some hotels, shops which sells wooden toys jewellery, fruits, wine. There was also a live band performing at streets around the temple. The environment was so magical. So with a heart full of memories and camera full photos, I bid my goodbye to that glorious place.

On my way back to my place,I lost my way and stumbled upon banks of river Trishuli. That place is magical.I locked my car, sat on the rocks in the middle of the river, dipped my toes in water and watched the clouds changing colours, sun setting in far West. It’s been so long since I travel somewhere. It’s been so long since I talk to strangers and laughed with them on their stories. It’s been so long since I sat somewhere peacefully.

Nepal is a beautiful country with magical landscapes, amazing roads and kind hearted people. It should be in your bucket list.


Banff, Canada

An hour and half ride from Calgary, Banff if put in simplest words, is a must visit destination for it’s magical magnificence turns into reality, the animations we saw on T.V. the Banff has all those perfectly conical snow capped mountains, magnanimous cloud cover, trees naturally placed in line on the perfect slopes….

Thinking of it as a fairytale? Still can’t break that stereotypical myth of yours, that places like this dont exist? In that case, have a look at this.

Now how does that look? And wait a minute for here comes another one. 

Doesn’t that seem as the actual representation of what we call a paradise?

Just remember to get your thickest wraps out, gloves and boots along with a dozen moisturizers. For the best views take the very best out of you. And speaking of very I’ll add the very best part for those who are encapsulated by busy schedules, Banff, trust me, is heaven covered in a day or so. 

Hence, I indeed will venture to state, whenever up for Canada, do get Banff written on your your list… Go out there, fall for the nature, have a good laugh, and 




Don’t forget, the snowman ought to be revived.