Dear Anhad,

I think you are one of those true souls. The ones who’s energy I crave. Those souls who’s disappointment and sadness can make you gloomy and their love radiates from their skin.

Anhad, I adore you, your persona, the way you work to achieve what you want, the way you love those around you, the way you laugh and giggle, and how you run behind peon bhaiya to get some mithai meant for teachers. I love how you never break rules but still be my partner in crime. I love how you protect me from some ‘looks’. 😂. We all love to share a laugh when you talk to fake snakes,(I really would love to take names, but I don’t involve myself in controversies.) Though this letter is written by me but I think Sehaj and Tanvi would agree,without you it would not have been the same, we all needed a crazy streak to open up. Thanks for sitting next to me, when teachers became unbearable thanks for drawing ❤️ on my notebooks. Thanks for breaking the ice on the first day of 11th. Tears are welling up and I think I would not be able to write more. But I hope you know how much you mean to me, to all of us.

Happy Birthday.


One thought on “Dear Anhad,”

  1. Anhad says:

    Lovely and warm, from the heart!
    Thank you so much.

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