Dear XII A1,

It will be the second time that I would have to say goodbye to a school, and I think this is also going to be difficult (unlike the perception that I formed on the first day)

Dear XII A1, I remember how we all whined that our new class is placed just next to A2, but I guess that was destined, without them how would we have bonded on common grounds for hatred (except some few blessed souls). I am suddenly empty, I really want to write and capture all the days we spent together. From the day of the entrance exam, to the freshers where we all were timid little juniors in awe of our seniors, (:himanshi wynk wynk). From the literary week were Anhad and Tanvi slayed the podium, to the history project’s presentations. From getting caught by Lovish with phone to my phone playing a weird sing in the middle of a silent class. From being termed as nerds for the whole of the year, to putting up a failed show of NERD NIRVANA at the fete (I still don’t know if it was profit or loss, Ashiv please explain, na? ). From Anav being a sport, pissin off Mishika, to Vansh not coming up on the stage on farewell. From me doing ring-around-the roses with someone , to Vrinda finding cutie’s address. From getting intimidated from each one of you, too loving you from my core. From not wanting to come to school to, not wanting to leave, we all grew up, right?

Promises made in 10th of always staying in touch, were not adhered to, and honestly I do know if we will stay in touch or not, I can’t promise that. The one thing that I can promise is on the day I feel low, a photograph of our happy faces, and all these moments that we spend will make me smile.

With Love.

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