Brevity, Write Ups


I fall for you all over again when you already know I ate your favourite vanilla ice cream and you still act suprised like you never knew and failing miserably . When you buy two pair of socks because I always steal yours . When you travel one extra mile just because I like Chinese from that particular restaurant around the corner . When you patiently explain all Urdu-hindi words of some shyri because I’m so bad at Hindi . When you eat my half cooked roti and make ugly faces and still eat it anyway . When you just hug me and don’t push me for things when I have a rough day . When you sing “let it go” repeatedly while I yell at you till I join you in our post fight singing concert . When you keep up with all my important dates and keep reminding me to complete my assignments . When you push me do my best .
Yes , I fell for all over again all-day everyday .

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