Brevity, Poetry


Seating on the bench at some height,
Holding her hands so tight,
Feeling blissful on that night
As she makes his life bright
And his presence keeps her alright

He was comforting ,by rotating hands on her hair ,
Eyes of her was full of love and care ,
And this kind of love is very rare.

She moved ahead for hugging him
He hugged ,then kissed as light was dim.

Eyes of both were misty
They wiped each other eyes with pity
As they were in guilty.

Both were happy , after a long time get together ,
So they promised to love each other forever .

Then came cranky sound , that wake her up
Darkness was all around
was just dream
Just dream she realized ,
But it make her so mesmerized .
As it appear so real but in reality was unreal.

While thinking , her feets get numb and hands get cold,
And now , she don’t want to be bold.
She cried , her throat get dried
head get hefty, which was deadly.
Shivering in cold with fear,
some kind of stillness is there .
As she realized
She realized, universe won’t let them apart and won’t let them near …
Which was DEADLY just DEADLY.

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