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Happy Birthday. Umm..?

Yet again, continuing the tradition of our last wish*, this time we’ll be wishing/ acknowledging/accrediting I don’t even know if a word for it exists or not but the man, who.. (excuse me for my inconsistency or grammar… emotions are overpowering) so, the man who probably is the sole reason for why THE POCKET DIARIES exists.

The most selfless man one could ever come across, the limitless, the actual definition of ‘self-made’, the sheer manifestation of nonpareil and indeed the perfect example of ‘A notorious elder brother’.

Trust me, once you meet Nitesh Gaba, your life would never be the same.

A lot of people told me what I can be, a lot of people tell people what they can be, but you, you made me what I am, you make people what they can be. You made this family, you made this community, I might be the face of this worldwide linkage, but you are the soul of THE POCKET DIARIES.

Happy Birthday, Fufu… And yeah trust me, I was dying to wish you since 12:00… But, I thought why to wish first as an individual, when you can wish on behalf of an entire family.

P.S. There is so so so so much more to write but trust me, you are exactly what makes one speechless. I don’t have enough words to… I don’t know… I love you. I just… You are the best.

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