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Happy Poems

Every time i try to
write a happy poem
my mind folds
all the happiness
into itself
as if it is scared
that writing it out
may drive it away
and after all
it is sadness
that one has to
write out
expel out
not happiness

Every time i try to
write a happy poem
my mind squeezes
every last drop of happiness
and stashes it
in a corner somewhere
maybe to keep it safe
maybe for times i need it
more desperately
maybe to give it to those
who need it more than me
or maybe just because
sadness is what i feel comfortable in now

This sadness
is the ink
that fuels my poetry
and a poet’s biggest fear
is always
running out of words
out of ink

Now whenever
anything happy happens
i don’t try to
write a poem
i try to enjoy it
till it lasts
till my ink
comes back again
//why i don’t write happy poems//

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