How I Write?

I am not that great of thinker or writer kinds. I love to read what my fellow mates write, how fluently their words form a harmony with each other and kind of engulf you, in contrast to my muddled up writing. I guess what I write does not have that pain, or the heartache that fuels the flow of the others.

On some days, I read beautiful-beautiful poetries, piece of works. I am left wondering how can you write this flawlessly. like how do you know what to write after the core idea. The other day, this line ‘you have to be someone’s pain to be written about’ came into my mind. but as soon as I sat down to write, I was blank. The cursor was pointing at me and I did not know what to write after this.

And another thing that constantly stops me is that as soon as I put my thoughts in word, they start looking at me like the most absurd thing ever. And I backspace all of it.

The same is happening with this one also, I think I’ll publish it before I press backspace.

One thought on “How I Write?”

  1. Prerna says:

    This was really nice…I guess the best part of your writings is that u connect and that makes it the best.
    Keep writing.. looking forward to new stuff from your creative mind and beautiful heart.

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