I Saw You Lying

It was a normal afternoon,
Cappuccino mugs; crescent rolls,
Decorative crystal pots,
Under the blaze of clear skies.
She was lying there wondering,
Drowning in the sweet misery,
As he was sabotaging the ties of their relationship,
Little water droplets running down her rosy red cheeks,
Coming from somewhere lying deep down inside her heart,
With a Mozart song playing in background,
Her heart is racing ; it’s pounding and deafening
The beatings,the words, he left her weak but her heart can’t let go,
She wants to hate him, for all the awful things he did yet she always found herself running to him,

She’s heartbroken that he looked into those eyes and lied ,
All the ‘dire’ meetings when he got ready hastily at night,
and slowly slipped into her bed at 5 am in the morning,
So she lies there,
Wondering why would she never be enough?
Wanting to mend the holes inflicted on her soul,
she knows, as soon as the bell rings,
She would open the door , whilst her mind whispers with a rasping voice like a rewinded record ,
she would be smiling at the outside, but she’s dead inside
And once more, he would smile & sleep thinking that’s he’s adept at the art of lying
And she would know that he couldn’t see the truth because he doesn’t look into her eyes anymore,

He’s the burn of a cigarette smoke,
He’s harmful,
He’s causing pain , she’s drowning in grief,
Yet she needs him, she craves him.
While he, takes a drag with his other lover.

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