It’s Not Us, It’s Them…..

We don’t cause rape. Rapists do.
It’s not the short skirt, the alcohol, or flirty behaviour.
It’s not going alone to the loo.
It’s not the red lipstick,
We just didn’t ask for it.

All this is just nonsense.
An obscene pretense.
What will you use next?
‘She was breathing, so we raped her!’
As if that’s a justification.
Oh, but you don’t need one,
Being a girl, that alone is a provocation.

Oh no, it’s not a one in a million case.
It is every girl, even a baby in diapers and lace.
She had just opened her eyes, and taken a look at our world,
She didn’t know about those dangers that she lured.
Her eyes, ever so trusting, not even afraid.
Her lips,they couldn’t carry the lipstick.
She couldn’t have flirted, when she couldn’t even speak.
Is it the innocence, in every excited shriek?

Not saying no, isn’t saying yes.
Our consent doesn’t stem from the way we dress.
‘She is a slut’, is not an answer.
It does not give you the right to destroy her.

Even marital rape is not ‘fine’.
Nothing can be used as an excuse,
Not even that marriage certificate with her sign.
You don’t own her body.
That is the bottom line.

Lastly, it is not normal.
She shouldn’t be ‘prepared’ for this,
It is not some kind of a routine ritual.
Anything other than consensual, it is rape.
It is not frustration looking for an escape.
It is a crime.
It doesn’t matter if it is the first, or the fiftieth time.

Don’t let anyone tell you,
‘It happens. He was angry.’,
‘Enjoy, it’s a party.’
And never that,
‘Get used to it. You are a lady.’

Your screams were silenced, but you haven’t lost your voice,
Your hands were tied, but your wings are still there,
Your spirit, it belongs to you,
They can’t subdue you, unless you let them.
You will always have a choice.

So brave girl, always remember,
You are a fighter.
Anyone who tells you otherwise, is a liar.

This fight is not over until you surrender.
Don’t let them tame your fire,
Don’t let them snuff out that flame,
You can be, whatever your heart desires.
Never let anyone tell you that you are damaged,
You are the one who survived the carnage.

-Anika Johri.

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