Brevity, Quill


I sit in a corner of the bathroom. My school uniform is in tatters. With a swollen face and red eyes adorning my appearance, I reflect on how I was bullied by a couple of seniors. They called me maggot and forced me to strip in front of them. I feel nothing but pity for these inane, fatuous bigheads. Another day in my life, spent in this bathroom, my closet, as I long to come out. But, the time isn’t right. It will take a decade more for acceptance to be served on the platter. I pick myself up and look in the mirror. All I see is a young lad trying to dream and live his dream.

With courage I smile, a farce which I hope becomes my reality. And with this hope, I will live another day and yet another day. Because you don’t need arms for freedom. You simply need guts.

Revolution has begun.

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