Quill, Write Ups


Do you ever feel lost ?
So lost that it feels like your lungs are on fire and it’s so hard to breathe . Like you’re on the top of Ferris wheel and while coming down , it feels like your inside will explode . Like that mini heart attack you get when you slips just below the top of the hill .
You know there’s this thing with people that when they leave , they leave with a vacant hollow space inside us , with stomach full of knots , eyes full of tears , mind full of twisted thoughts .
We get so habituated to their presence that after them , it’s just , it’s just darkness . They lingers everywhere , in the sheets , in the clothes , in our home , in our fingertips , in our mind . And god help you if you get that particular smell of cologne somewhere and you loose it completely , every bottled up thought comes crashing down and you couldn’t even cry . Because you’re so tired , not for sleep but for peace .

  • Blurry vision , sunset and cigarettes

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