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Maa ,

You never stopped watching over me . Not when you had to stay after-hours at work . Not when I lost l first essay competition . Not when I failed for first time . Not when I was an exaggerated teenager . Not when I had to move to another city .
I still remember those days when you’d wake up at 5 in the morning to prepare my lunch . You would braid my hair , kiss my cheeks and wave me goodbye . When I was an impossible exaggerated teenager who’d scream at you to leave me alone , I wish I could go back in time to put some sense in 16 year old me .

28 stations away , you still call me everyday to ask about my day and to remind me to eat something and I lie almost everyday that I already had something . I miss you , maa. I miss having breakfast with you , I miss the feeling of your fingers on my head , I miss the aroma of food when you cook , I miss preparing dinner with you . You’re my first call after a bad day , a bad breakup or stuffed nose .
Plural names to call you , but just a singular feeling – love , only love .

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