She peers into me, long and hard,
She screams,’why?’
Answers that I cannot give,
Why does she need my approval to live?
She reaches for her makeup bag,
A practiced routine.
It’s the only way she can live up to the tag.

She hurls her brush at me,
And I shatter to the ground.
Oh, the eyeliner isn’t on fleek,
The skirt doesn’t hug her hips,
Or the lipstick doesn’t sit right on her lips.
She dabs on the shaded concealer,
To hide the true shade of her skin,
I can’t tell her, that being herself is not a sin.

It was very sudden,
‘Enough! I can’t bear this anymore.’,
She cried out, and sobs wracked her frame,
I was the mum witness,
I couldn’t reach out, as the screams came.
She picked up the blade and in a moment of absolute clarity,
We both knew that cosmetics couldn’t fix the scars that words made.

I watched her, powerless, as the first drop fell,
Nobody had paid heed to the warning bells,
I couldn’t stop her as she took her life,
The telltale crimson stained the tiles.

Her silhouette blurred as she fell to the floor,
Her frail heart just couldn’t take it anymore.
In me, she had found solace,
She saw truth in my lies,
I am not alive, but she was beautiful in my eyes.
I just couldn’t tell her so, and it’s my fault that she died…..

Misconceptions and deceit, are all that I am made up of,
There isn’t a grain of truth in me as I invade your thoughts,
The husk will always have a defect,
So how can you peer into me and think that you are imperfect?
I don’t reflect your reality,
I can’t tell you who you are.
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to start a war….

They just took her away,
If I could, I would have begged her to stay,
I am crucified by the weight of my lies,
But instead of her, I get to see another day.
As the pulse flutters in her neck,
I wish that I was the one who lay dead.
Believe me, I tried to wipe her tears,
To tell her that there was more to her beneath the layers,
I just wish, that before branding herself as imperfect,
She had questioned,
Can a mirror really reflect?

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