Poetry, Quill


I’m certain I’m there,
Though I don’t know for sure,
And perhaps I want to believe.

I want to be better,
I tried, I swear,
I tried to never be me.

And that’s what you want,
Oh look here we are,
It was never enough to be me.

Go on then father,
Blessed be thy name,
Go on and make me complete.

Colour your blade,
Bind me in chains,
Slay me or just let me be.

Poetry, Quill


and then there was him,
with his glazed eyes,
he sits and stares
the night sky
wondering “where it all went wrong”
it causes him to scream inside
yet with his face so sweet,
you see nothing but a smile
hiding unspoken words
reciting a poem of his heart.

Poetry, Quill


I sometimes like to walk in the rain,
I find myself being me.

Hundreds of thousands of drops of paint,
What is this freedom I breathe?

And then shhh silence,
No fall anymore.

Penchant for sadness,
Never was I sure.

Finish this wonder,
Be gone, my love.

Bring back my teardrops,
My pearls from above.

Art, Brush

Anonymous (1/4)

Here is a series of expressions.. These have been tagged with anonymous because these thoughts are not confined to someone specific but are the usual topics that we all know exist and yet forget to pay much heed to. The quarantine period helped me introspect and observe various physical, mental and social aspects that create a huge impact on our personalities.. I have named this line up as “THE BODY WORK” because these are bodies covered with messages so that the the soul can get nude with the expression and thoughts…