An illustration of LIGHT YAGAMI a.k.a. KIRA from the nifty anime series Death Note… Tinted in red shade, this astounding artwork by Prabhpreet Singh is indeed a reflection of his soul.



Enchanting, is not just her face but also the beauty she carries within. Enticing are not just the blossoming flowers, but also her thoughts. And captivating, are not merely her eyes, but also their arcane depth.



Bliss never lies in happiness,

Hardwork grants no happiness,

Bliss exists in paper balls,

That hit a head as you throw it

When you giggle aloud, and you try to hide,

From teacher’s eyes mid class.

What do you Know of glee?

You, who sits up a boring desk.

You, who buttercups, the teacher but

You, who lose these worthy hours.

What good are you, a crooked lot,

That scores but never laughs.




Why can’t it be just the two of us?

With no one else around,

Just you and me.

And your fingers penetrating deep inside mine,

Why can’t it be just the two of us?

A night so desolate, our minds so stark,

My jacket on your shoulder,

And your hair on my face!

Why can’t it be just the two of us?

My lips on your forehead,

And hands on your lissome neck,

While, the world would bear a silence and,

Only the sound of our hearts thumping would prevail.

For now can I just get a hug?

It feels so cold inside 



“By plucking her petals, you do not get gather the beauty of the flower.” Rabindranath Tagore


क्यों ?

क्यों, इतनी आबादी तो है।
पर अंदर से तनहा हुईं मैं॥
क्यों सावन की बारिश तो है।
पर अंदर से सूखा हूं मैं॥
किसकी कमी है?
किसकी तालाश है?
खबर नहीं॥

देर से ही सही,
पर आज मन की सुनी है ।
कहता है खुशियों के लिबास में यह,
काँटों भरी ज़िन्दगी तूने खुद चुनी है ।

क्यों डरता है, क्यों रोता है ?
क्यों यह खूबसूरत पल खोता है ?
ज़मीन पर तो खाली रेट बिछी है।
असली हीरा तो तुझमें कहीं है॥

तू ही तेरी हिफाज़त है
तेरा हौंसला भी तू है।
तू ही तेरा मकसद है
तेरा चैन भी है तू ।
तू ही तेरा खुदा है, तेरी इबादत भी है तू॥



And when did your mind, full of chaos, engulfed you so much that now words are being interpreted by the chaos and not the heart.



As the petrified juvenile rose upon his toes and, ventured to peep through the keyhole, he watched with tears rolling down his chubby cheeks and inscrutable face, the ‘MAN of the Family’ beat his mother again. Submitting to the cruelty he rushed to the shore and questioned his God, “Oh! God, if mother’s placed even above you why doesn’t she get the powers at least similar to you? Why doesn’t she get at least half the respect given to you?” and added suddenly, “And please reply soon this time, she easily differentiates between the sea water and tears hid beneath the sand upon my face.”