I have always seen you standing tall, strong and brave. Be it while facing the policeman, issuing a challan or watching me participate in a competition. Most of the times, you say next to nothing, absorbing in the conversations, hiding from us your observations and judgments. But you are always there, behind our every step, alert, ready to catch us if we fall. You portray yourself as an unemotional man, unmoved by sentimentality, but cry whenever you see us flying high. You don’t know how to express yourself, but your rare smile says it all, that you are proud of us, whatever we may do. You don’t know how to comfort me when I cry, but lend your shoulder, lest I feel alone. You crack jokes about scary accidents and those days when you had no work, no money. But never make us feel the pain and agony you have been through. Building yourself up from scratch is by no means an easy task, but you did that so that we could have a better life. You live for us it seems, fulfilling our every demand, never realizing how tired you are when we tell you about the last-minute project to be submitted the next day, getting the print outs and files.

You love us, and you make us happy. I am proud of you Pappa, for how amazing you are and how you have changed to be warm, considerate and sincere. You may shut me up or shoo me away when I say this, but I know, that it always manages to make you smile.

Happy Fathers’ Day

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