It took you courage to stand up, the floor beneath your feet held you for long, you forgot what it meant to be free, you forgot what it meant to be strong

The floor caressed you in its cold and indifferent embrace when you fell down, that slap was too sudden wasn’t it? Or maybe you just felt weak because you had bled that morning? But you deserved it, right? You got a reality check

Aukat, which has never been a part of your vocabulary, because you were meant to be subservient, with no rights, no choices

A Puppet, in the hands of the men in your life, dancing to their tune, afraid of being lost in your own rhythm, nothing should alert them, those who should not be named, because they might tighten their grasp on you, forcing you to measure every move.

But now you stand up, with your bruised body giving you strength, helping you to face him in the eye and push him aside. Today, you scream, as loud as you can, because it is exhilarating, isn’t it?

You have acquired it, something denied to you for centuries

Today, you became powerful, with the ability to pass it on to your daughter, and as this chain becomes a million-strong bond amongst all women of the world, standing in solidarity, arm in arm, your eyes are full of light, that shine beyond this day and transcend all barriers of race, caste, religion, language and time.

Balance is restored.

Happy Doyenne Day!

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