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Suicide is not a publicity stunt . People don’t commit suicide for publicity , period .

Can we just accept that it’s a real problem , as real as Jon Snow being a Targaryen . People suffer from mental illness . Anxiety is a real thing and one of the worst thing to tell an anxious person is ‘ you’re just overthinking ‘. Depression isn’t something to talk over . Listen to them , and not just to reply . Telling them that it’s just a phase , it’ll pass ain’t gonna help . Don’t make everything about yourself , don’t tell them how you had won over depression . It’s their struggle and let them concur it their way . You don’t get to decide how will they do it .
Stop forcing them to go out and talk to people just to cheer them up . It’s not helping , it’s more upsetting . Stop poetic romanticism of depression . There is nothing poetic or romantic about it . People need to held and heard . Listen , hold and help .

2 thoughts on “Rant”

  1. This is actually useful, thanks.

  2. Puja says:

    I’m glad you could relate , thanks to you too for reading . Keep coming back for more

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