Quill, Write Ups


It seems that DC has finally broken its long drought with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam. As it tries to level the playing field with Marvel, we are presented a humorous take on a super hero movie with family at the centre of this ride.

The movie begins with a young boy, Thaddeus Sivana entering the Council of Wizards and tested for the powers of the champion, which he fails. Forwarded to the present, the travels of an abandoned 14 year old child, Billy Batson and how he is taken in by a loving couple who run a group home weave the story. As he stays aloof and tries to avoid his room mate Freddy, he is transported into the Council and chosen as the next champion, Shazam! being the magic word. What follows is a hilarious ride as bizarre superhero names and random power tests come to the fore. It is goofy and nerdy humor which carries the movie and lends it an innocence. There is a villain and no prizes for guessing, it is the same insulted child who took the old and frail wizard’s remark to heart. The superhero versus villain and demons with poor CGI effects is the only let down as cliche is served on the platter.

The movie has some wonderful moments while some which one can skip as well. A mix of punch lines and melodramatic display of family ties, the efforts of the director to drive this message home are futile. Rather, these scenes make you yawn and squiggle in your seat wanting for some strong twist. Even though the movie is quite predictable watch it for some good acting, witty dialogues and fun quotient.

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