Oh, so let me get this straight.
She is stained if she bleeds once a month,
But not when she is ripped apart, trying to give birth?
Does a body part determine her worth?

She is stained as a survivor of sexual assault,
But as a rapist, you are not?
And if she unknowingly converses with men like you, she is of the wrong sort.

She is stained if she is pregnant with her rapist’s baby,
But why is the tag reserved only for the lady?
When she tells people that the father is unnamed,
Shouldn’t he be the one who is stained?

She is stained if her pants show a red patch,
But not when she wears a little red dress,
And is considered a ‘catch’?

Changing the views of a country that took ages to make,
It just won’t be a piece of cake.
Even after all this progress, if these notions remain……
Is it possible, that it’s not our girls, but our society, that is stained?

One thought on “STAINED”

  1. Omja says:

    You did a fabulous job there.

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