Brevity, Quill

Summers Are Here

As my favourite season departs, with the onset of spring, I sit and dread the arrival of summers. SUMMERS the season I have inborn dislike, (NOTE: I don’t hate it ) It brings long days, sweaty afternoons, and humid evenings. 🙁

But it is also the season of mangoes, swimming lessons and Summer Breaks. The season of starry nights. I remember when I was a kid, we were a gang of 7-8 kids and would create ruckus in the streets, I guess summers were only for those who felt it. Summer Breaks were cherished, for it brought Nani Ka Ghar, cousins and friends together, a whole month when school bag was left untouched.

And now while leaving for school early in the morning, I see the reddish tint of the summer sun it the sky or at night I sit stargazing, while an familiar smell of the summers hit me, I feel a little less apprehensive about it. I guess summers are welcomed.

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