Brevity, Quill


After a futile search of the house, I looked into his room,in the tree house he had built as a child. I opened the door and darkness enveloped me. There was a stale odor in the room, as if someone had died in there.My first step tumbled on an object. I searched about and held it in my hand, a broken syringe. I took out my phone and switched on the flashlight. The illumination lent the room an eerie silence. I saw a bedraggled body, huddled up in a corner. Cautiously, I went ahead, my heart thumping with every step. A number of other syringes  were lying about. I approached the figure and shone the light on the face. The body emanating a foul smell and the hollow bones crackling in my hold. I looked at the face and gasped.
A face with sunken cheeks.

I stood shocked and quite lifeless myself, as I stared into my dead brothers eyes, blank and bleak.