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This wonderful mind of mine,

Every breath, and every blow,

Changes its direction,

Yet I know, my heart,

It shall keep it on its course,

And take away every single doubt,

For my heart heads for home,

And a family, a warm abode,

And all of this I found right where I am,

What else? Shall a heart need,

What else shall a mind need,

And what else? Dare I ask,

From this family of mine,

Where all the love I have,

In truth, is sublime.

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Open letter to Diwali

Dear Diwali,

So, you are back to remind me of sweets, festivity, break from routine life and home. But this time it is different, in the name of sweets I have Cadbury stacked in the fridge. To get the festive feel I have decorated a corner of my new home with light. Break from the routine life is only a joke. And home is 1000 miles away. sighs.

I still remember how Diwali was when was a kid. you were all about crackers and sweets. As I grew older your meaning changed it was more than just crackers and sweets, it was about family, friends, laughter, love. I remember how me and my sister used to look at different houses and decide which one had better lighting. 

 It is a while now ,away from home, in a different city. Getting leaves from office is a task in itself now. Although on Diwali me and my colleagues (Note: I call them colleagues not friends) meet up and party. But Diwali I still miss the way we celebrated you at home.


A person in his 20’s alone in a new city.