Write Ups


it’s okay to not be okay
to be looking for
the needle of hope
in a pile of hay

it’s okay to feel low
when life gives a harsh blow
when there’s little you could know
when there’s nowhere else to go

it’s okay to want to disappear
it’s okay if this is too much to bear
reach out to me,
i swear i’m near

let’s set it right,
we’re in this together
let’s make the days bright
i promise, it will get better

Brevity, Quill


I feed on fear. When guns fire up the sky and your mother holds you tight, knowing her end is near. When you walk on an empty road and the street lights seems to go off. When you play near the dilapidated borders and a barbed wire scratches your skin. When a ticking bomb nestles in a train you are sleeping in. When the starry night is shattered by bolts of lightning. When your kin are murdered and you are next. I come. I feed on you, your hopes and aspirations. I devour your light. I crumble your faith and tear apart your soul. I am a ghoul who always lurks in your shadow.