Poetry, Quill


As i sat down, reminiscing the moments we shared,

I noticed intricate details,

that defined our love, the bond we shared.

I tried to bury my feelings,

but the crevice in my heart won’t be filled

and the tears in my eyes won’t stop,

I was devastated as I realised,

it was meaningless to be alive without a reason,

I am not here to wander aimlessly,

Devoid of purpose,

I was hopeless, as i got a call,

which changed me, my life, my everything,

that call was by my 


Brevity, Quill

An Ode To Empty Road

At the dusk of a nameless town she walked the cold and empty boulevard.
Her wrinkles told tales of love and also that of a broken house.
Seasons went by she had lost her youth but the solitary road remained unchanged.
Perhaps the cold night and the lonely road was her most loyal companion.

Poetry, Quill


First one of our latest member… ANHAD

The clinking empty bottles
The chiming wind chimes
Slurping cold water
Watering scorched eyes
Gurgling gargles
Crackling crumbs
Vibrating phones
Numerous goose bumps
Trembling feet
Shivering bodies
Rustling leaves
Singing chickadees
Beating hearts
Tapping fingers
Shaking heads
Popping blisters
Dripping cream
Morbid dreams
Jingling bells
Shattering glass
Screeching class
Scratching nails
Clattering teeth
Rattling tails
Drilling beats
Honking cars
Hurling abuses
From afar
Guffawing uncles
Smiling ladies
Gorging on
Indian delicacies
Gossiping gals
Snoring pals
Smacking lips
Fish and chips
Rhythm divine
Making a line
The spectrum of sounds thrives
Can listening suffice?



And here we present the very first poem of our newest member, Anchit Singla.

Life is a series of events.

Caring it’s own sorrows and joyful events.

Life is birth as well as death,

Do nothing which you’d later regret.

Life is sweet, also sour,

So let’s fruitfully enjoy every hour.

Life is love as well as hate,

Still give nothing than the best to your mate.

Life is rose, life is a thorn,

Treat it with care as a baby new born.

Life is peace, life is war,

Life is silence yet a form of speech,

Perceive only the good it has to teach.