Nepal or Himalayas is heaven on earth. First day of my trip. I was going to famous Manakamana temple. It is famous for fulfilling wishes of pilgrims who pray to goddess with true devotion. This temple is located on 1,302 m above the sea level and we had cable cars to take us to temple and back. The bottom station of cable car is placed at Kurintar and top station is at Manakamana. The temple campus is with the views of
Himachali and Annapurna ranges in the north. Trishuli river in the south and Marshyangdi the west.

On my way back from temple, the cable car stopped in the middle of nowhere and our heart start beating frantically. But soon the turbulence was over and all the 6 passengers including me sighed in relief .

There are various kinds of shops around the temple including some hotels, shops which sells wooden toys jewellery, fruits, wine. There was also a live band performing at streets around the temple. The environment was so magical. So with a heart full of memories and camera full photos, I bid my goodbye to that glorious place.

On my way back to my place,I lost my way and stumbled upon banks of river Trishuli. That place is magical.I locked my car, sat on the rocks in the middle of the river, dipped my toes in water and watched the clouds changing colours, sun setting in far West. It’s been so long since I travel somewhere. It’s been so long since I talk to strangers and laughed with them on their stories. It’s been so long since I sat somewhere peacefully.

Nepal is a beautiful country with magical landscapes, amazing roads and kind hearted people. It should be in your bucket list.


Banff, Canada

An hour and half ride from Calgary, Banff if put in simplest words, is a must visit destination for it’s magical magnificence turns into reality, the animations we saw on T.V. the Banff has all those perfectly conical snow capped mountains, magnanimous cloud cover, trees naturally placed in line on the perfect slopes….

Thinking of it as a fairytale? Still can’t break that stereotypical myth of yours, that places like this dont exist? In that case, have a look at this.

Now how does that look? And wait a minute for here comes another one. 

Doesn’t that seem as the actual representation of what we call a paradise?

Just remember to get your thickest wraps out, gloves and boots along with a dozen moisturizers. For the best views take the very best out of you. And speaking of very I’ll add the very best part for those who are encapsulated by busy schedules, Banff, trust me, is heaven covered in a day or so. 

Hence, I indeed will venture to state, whenever up for Canada, do get Banff written on your your list… Go out there, fall for the nature, have a good laugh, and 




Don’t forget, the snowman ought to be revived.