Write Ups


Humans can agree to getting married to an animal or tree for their better future,
But cannot agree if humans marry humans,
They can accept the astrologies all over the world,
But cannot accept that a man loves another man,
I know this world isn’t a good place to live in and also can’t agree more to it that people are still not living broad and open minded. But dear LGBTQ+ community,
I, with all my love to you guys, support you, and stand by you. Humans love humans and theirs no big deal in it.
It is not at all your mistake that you are this good at heart, its somewhere our society’s fault that they never accepted you all with open handed.
To all those who stand by this beautiful community,
Let’s take a moment to thank them for giving us one more side of love,
And let’s all pledge that we will celebrate love every day, every month and every year not just only in june.
We stand by you all.
You all look beautiful.
We love you all.
Humans love humans.🏳️‍🌈

Instagram handle = @.thrillingarts.