Freedom (or not?)

All this time

I’ve been told:

It will be okay,

If you keep writing

Within the lines.

You can fly high

But don’t cross the sky.

Someone will always 

Be better than you.

There will be days

When crying’ll be all

You’d wanna do.

You won’t have to suffer

If you stay in your limits.

It’s a tough choice

We all know:

Happiness or safety

The decision will show.

None of this makes sense

Never it will

Because you don’t get it 

The way I do.

For you are not me

And I’ve never been you.

Art, Brush


It’s not tragic to die doing something you LOVE
Lens, Photography


To your temporary pride, temporary anger, temporary happiness, temporary love, temporary smile and indeed your temporary life.


Hazy Passion

There once, was I, fervent with energy, blinded by passion guided by rage. Yet this mind of mine, now sits there defeated as i have spent my soul, and I’m shaking as i sob, for i wait for life to pass me by and leave me in a weeping haze.



And here we present the very first poem of our newest member, Anchit Singla.

Life is a series of events.

Caring it’s own sorrows and joyful events.

Life is birth as well as death,

Do nothing which you’d later regret.

Life is sweet, also sour,

So let’s fruitfully enjoy every hour.

Life is love as well as hate,

Still give nothing than the best to your mate.

Life is rose, life is a thorn,

Treat it with care as a baby new born.

Life is peace, life is war,

Life is silence yet a form of speech,

Perceive only the good it has to teach.