Freedom (or not?)

All this time

I’ve been told:

It will be okay,

If you keep writing

Within the lines.

You can fly high

But don’t cross the sky.

Someone will always 

Be better than you.

There will be days

When crying’ll be all

You’d wanna do.

You won’t have to suffer

If you stay in your limits.

It’s a tough choice

We all know:

Happiness or safety

The decision will show.

None of this makes sense

Never it will

Because you don’t get it 

The way I do.

For you are not me

And I’ve never been you.

Quill, Write Ups

Extra Limits???

Ola!!! Sorry for the late post guys… But, extremely dissatisfied by the LIMITS, I write this.

So what are limits? Why are we ‘The Middle Class’ always the ones who are show the limits? Who creates them? Why do we accept them?

Everyone wants to excel in life. Every parent wants their kid to excel. Or more prominently wants their kid to be financially stable or shall I venture to use the word Rich. 

But if we ask ourselves, how much are we doing to actually excel? What are we doing to excel? Are (for the parents) you believing in your kid? Are you giving 4-5 hours daily to sit and practice?

Do you think above the LIMITS? The limits which present forth us the Rich and Successful as godly figures, but the moment we start to think as them order us not to. For we, we can’t dream as them, we can’t think as them… Oh really!!! Then how do we expect to live as them.

We have to give in extra for everything… Extra passion, extra motivation, extra effort to counter the quotas, extra knowledge and indeed extra believe in our goals, in our views and ourselves at large.  

So when do you plan to start giving your extra???