Brevity, Quill

To Those Lost In The Chaos

Wait..The moment just passed by did you bothered to look up?

Do you remember the last time you sat by the window with your cup of coffee? The last time you gave the passer-by a winning smile? How long it has been since you and Mom cooked together? When was the last time you laughed your heart out on a silly antic?

It’s really not about the big turnovers in life rather about the little things we miss everyday. I don’t know what  you are going through. We live in completely different stories. The world maybe is on chaos. Maybe your life is too but the storm will clear and the sun will again shine bright. You’ll have to discover yourself. Wait…Relax…Cherish the moment!!!

Quill, Write Ups


Do you ever feel lost ?
So lost that it feels like your lungs are on fire and it’s so hard to breathe . Like you’re on the top of Ferris wheel and while coming down , it feels like your inside will explode . Like that mini heart attack you get when you slips just below the top of the hill .
You know there’s this thing with people that when they leave , they leave with a vacant hollow space inside us , with stomach full of knots , eyes full of tears , mind full of twisted thoughts .
We get so habituated to their presence that after them , it’s just , it’s just darkness . They lingers everywhere , in the sheets , in the clothes , in our home , in our fingertips , in our mind . And god help you if you get that particular smell of cologne somewhere and you loose it completely , every bottled up thought comes crashing down and you couldn’t even cry . Because you’re so tired , not for sleep but for peace .

  • Blurry vision , sunset and cigarettes
Brevity, Quill


Weather, stormy and dark, wind gushing through the shattered pane, swinging forth and further the mirror dinged on a mere nail. Yet, his eyes, as if in equilibrium sturdily stared through themselves, encountering numerous ostensible faces of itself. And, just then the nail flung, mirror was on morsels and each fragment (ambition, enigma, joy , anxiety) flew away. While imagination, still stuck in his feet now pigmented deep red,was trying yet to overpower him. Alas, he continued to stare, numb now to the deep and dark nail hole.
He was reality.