Brevity, Quill


Suddenly this misery,

Red turned to brown,

Yellow turned blue,

Orange turned gray,

And purple turned black.


Suddenly this defeat,

Smile turned into cries,

Joy turned into ashes,

And love turned into myth.


______ Children’s Day

On this felicitous Children’s Day, other than cheering you a wish, I place forth you a humble request, rather a plea to free the chained child in you.

The child tied up in chains of misery, locked in the name of one’s ostensible social image and crumbled under the workload.

The child, who’s morsels still try to escape through your dry tear glands, the child who’s laugh still haunts those deaf ears of yours.

The child you forgot exists.… a while ago, the child you forgot still breathes…. a while ago and indeed revive the one many killed…. a while ago.

Please unshackle that child still wandering in your hollow soul, please unchain that child still craving his lost home.