Poetry, Quill


Are we trapped inside our own mind?

Clueless and naïve as we feel

Scared and scarred as we heal

Just we wait to be reunited with our doom

My hands are cold and my mind listless

Waiting for this admonition to pass by

Am I my own worst enemy

Breaking down my nerve

Sulking as it hurts.

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Brevity, Quill


Sometimes we have to abandon reason for greater good but mostly for our own sanity. When the confusion has blurred the sight, unworth has corrupted the mind and unreasonable guilt has consumed the soul, it is important to let go. The most valuable learning is to know when to fight and when to let loose. When fear makes way for resentment, do not make yourself your enemy. More than anything make peace with yourself and all the victory will be yours.

Brevity, Quill

Perfect Disasters

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What lies beyond words is an unheard cry for help. An unquivering melancholy connects us all into a deep loom of secrecy. As we tragically yearn for each other to understand, we turn ourselves into a whirlwind of impalpable emotions. And as we become perfect disasters we sway into realm of unordinary.