This creation leaves me with the light fragrance of love, the gentle breeze that plays with her hair and the mischief in those eyes, those tipsy eyes. She seems like the lyric of my favourite song, playing in a loop every day of school, making me wistful, blind to the realization of the end of our time together. She stays with me like a warm hug, comforting me when the world seems too dreary to be true.

She was the oblivious to the storms waiting for her, struggling to make herself heard, hurt when her opinions would be undervalued and discarded. But she wore a smile, a facade hiding the pain she went through because Kriti ko Kabhi bura nahi lagta. She hid her insecurities in the garb of narcissism, which she never had. And while it entertained me to no end, I could never summon up the courage to ask how she was feeling.

And today I write to tell her, shake up her soul and make her understand that she is the most beautiful creation, khoobsurat takhleeq, as evocative as the ghazals she likes, as witty as the Shayari she reads. She is a wonder, capable of giving immense love and value to those around her. Even though she is sending memes at the height of evaluative apprehension and chatting away to glory, she has made a niche for herself in my mind and heart. The long line of suitors and her admirers made me laugh when the words of others had pierced my brain. She is my Hamdard ka tonic cinkara, a sweet melody, the sky with hues of pink and purple, the stream of water. She is my calm, she is my strength. And though I am extremely possessive about her, I wish to see her spread her wings and fly into the vast landscape in front of her, explore her potential and discover herself,

It fills me with emptiness when I think about the room of XII-A1 without the stupendous lessons by Ms Kriti Sharma, even the canteen bhaiya is worried about his source of income. It feels me with sadness, overwhelming me as I think about the days when the world was ours, laughter ringing in the school corridors. It makes me happy that I came across someone so genuine that she shines bright in a crowd, bestowing the world with her majestic smile and royalty. Your Highness, I will miss you sorely. You made my existence better, most importantly my jokes, though I have a long way to go.

While my mind fails to conjure more adjectives to explain your capabilities and tears fill my eyes as I wish you a Happy Birthday, I thank you for loving me so that I could love myself.

You are my Jaan. Keep this thought under lock and key.



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  1. Kriti says:

    I love you!!!! Thank Youuuu

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