Poetry, Quill


Do you remember how we met ?

Outside of a tattoo parlor
after your last breakup
when you inked a
fern leaf on your ankle .
And you dragged me to a bar
got me drunk
danced with strangers
and made faces at people
on our way back ‘home’

You cried so hard in my arms
I’ve to clutch you tightest
afraid that you’ll shatter to pieces
And slowly sang you to sleep .
I sat by your side
running my fingers through your hair
Watching sky turn from
shades of black to
shades of blue and orange

Will you stay ?
You asked next morning
after gulping two advil
I can take a day off .

And after 9 months
when you’re explaining your
each tattoo and every breakup
You finally confessed
I don’t want another tattoo

I couldn’t find any way to not stay .

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