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The Girl On The Last Bench

Today I finally observed you, sitting on the last bench, totally engrossed in ‘The Pride and Prejudice’. You were probably oblivious to the boy sitting on the bench next to you or to the girls singing on top of their voices on the first bench. And just when I thought you were to preoccupied for the world outside, you smiled at the literary remark someone in the middle row made.

We never had a conversation except the one time you were my subject for the psychology project. You were  really slow to answer my tasteless questions. And dear you were cautious too, placing each of your words perfectly one after the another. I was in awe of the way you speak. You are just like me an avid reader.

Perhaps you have learned from Elizabeth Bennet, how not to make hasty decision and how to appreciate the difference between essential and superficial. Maybe like Alaska you too have a hurricane inside you, like Atticus Finch you too delete the adjectives to have your facts strong and solid. Like Katniss you have internal conflicts but you too know, just like her, hopes live on.   

Most likely I will keep on guessing things about you and never ask you anything,

-A girl just like you

p.s. Elizabeth Bennet is the protagonist in the book Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austin), Alaska in John Green’s book Looking for Alaska, Atticus Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird, Katniss of  The Hunger Games series.

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