The Last Dance

Under the embedded jewels in the sky,
the moonlight, glittering & pale,
the blank black sky looking upon us,
as we dance with goodbyes in mind,
the somber music plays,
and the tears dance down my face,
while the universe,
pours rain in torrents,
but the rain doesn’t stop us,
With stardust clouding our feet,
we collide into each other,
slow dancing, hearts beating,
We held each other close
for the last time,
as the rest of the world faded away,
Why can’t we dance forever
holding onto each other
and never letting go?
Two people dancing to the
The melody of their love,
Our foreheads touched each other,
whispering “I love you” ,
and our lips touched as the music stopped.
The rhythm stops,
and we slowly part,
holding this moment in our hearts
for an eternity.

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