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The Sounds Of Stars

“We are alive. A story and a song. Neither of those things can die.”
The Sound Of Stars is definitely one of my top reads of 2020.I had a major crisis when I
was left only with 100 pages. I was dreading the end of the book because I simply didn’t
want to let go of such a beautiful story. It’s set in a dystopian world ruled by aliens
where art is banned and our main character Ellie is a rebel librarian.
In terms of representation, the demisexuality snagged my heart. I love that both Ellie
and Morris had snippets of conversations about sexuality and sex while running away
from aliens. It honestly sounds laughable but I love how Alechia Dow weaved those
scenes seamlessly into her story. The Sound Of Stars shows us that consent matters in
every way. It doesn’t matter whether it is sexual in nature or a matter of invading one’s
privacy. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known someone only for a few hours or whether
you’ve shared intimate moments with them.Consent still stands. My heart swelled twice
its size every time Morris asked permission to kiss Janelle and the fact that he patiently
waited with a smile on his face, every single time that she said no.
I was also delighted to find that our heroine is black and plus-sized. These are both
descriptives that are nonchalantly imbibed into Ellie’s character and never take away
from the whole story. When they do show up in the form of discussions on race and
descriptions and brief mentions of Ellie’s body, it’s extremely well written. It’s so rare to
see plus sized main characters in sci-fi and fantasy settings so I’m delighted to see that
Ellie was written as one.
This book also puts arts under a golden spotlight. We see that Ellie is a secret librarian
who reads to ground herself and then there’s Morris who can only ever find happiness
in music. There are numerous pop references in this book and throughout the story we
just see an immense appreciation that both the characters and the author hold for arts.
Many times people don’t realise the huge impact a single song or book or painting can
have in their lives but The Sound Of Stars does a wonderful job in portraying that.
All in all, what’s not to love?

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