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The Words Unsaid

It’s a new day, the breeze made the leaves flutter.

but though she lived in the city his cheer and laughter was all she could hear.

She still remembered the first time they sat down and had a talk,the sea was right in front of them but on each other were their eyes locked.

They talked about all the memories the laughter and even their pain it was the day she knew she’d remember as not a minute of it had gone in vain.

Months past and their bond grew stronger and the day he showed up on her door step she knew it was going to last longer.

She got the butterflies she had got when she met him for the first time,she could imagine someone would could love her so much and she could call him mine.

They laughed and played and just sat with one another,after all that is what they were seeking to discover.

It was a pleasing sunset they wished they were side by side but their time had already died.

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